Fotos por: freedigitalphotos.netOur corporate tax practice encompasses permanent strategic planing and advice on tax matters, as well as a variety of services dedicated to proposing o our clients alternatives for obtaining, to a higher degree, the tax advantages offered by current legislation, considering the most important changes occurred in Venezuela. Some of our services regarding tax matters are detailed as follows:

  Strategic planning in personal and business tax matters.
  General consulting in areas such as: Income Taxes (ISLR), ISLR for individuals (expatriates) and legal entities such as foreign societies with activities in Venezuela, Municipal Tax, Luxury Consumption and Wholesales Tax, Business Assets Tax, Liquor Tax, Succession Tax, I.N.C.E., Social Security, etc.
  Tax and legal audits for purchase, combination and merger processes or mercantile societies.
  Assistance in the preparation of administrative resources and appeals before the tax authorities and competent courts.
  Technical advisory services and updating in tax matters, through planned meetings with Management and telephone consultation.
  Specialized technical support, assistance in the process of fiscalization and review of the tax situation for non-proscribed years.
  Review of compliance with obligations as withholding agents and taxpayers of Luxury Consumption and Wholesales Tax.

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“As Chairman, I feel that the key value to members of being part of the Nexia network is the relationships they form which helps them to meet their clients needs.”

Dr. Markus Emmrich, Chair, Nexia International