Fotos por: freedigitalphotos.netToday in Venezuela, the high executives peoples of the companies must dedicate their efforts to develop strategies which permit the exploitation of competitive advantages of their business, in other words dedicate themselves to the essential while having operational administration task assumed by an outside expert. This is just mean the figure of the Outsourcing, which is not more than the delegation of tasks, mainly routine, to outside expert. they have the experience and the personnel necessary to be able to offer an optimal and quality service, so the internal personnel can dedicate itself to the really high-priority ttask for the good performance of the business.

Our philosophy, standards and professional ethics convert us into "partners of businesses" of our clients, with the purpose of giving them the support they require, aiming to create profits attributable to the financial results of their business. Each one of our services is developed under this philosophy, and each one of our Consultants works under this focus.


In order to carry out this philosophy of work, our Company and all our professional personnel are based on the next guidelines and principles:

  Professional Ethics.
  Careful Personal Attention.
  Continuous Improvement.

Between the services that we offer in the outsourcing area, are the following ones:

  Management Outsourcing and Strategic Planning.
  Financial Accounting.
  Payroll and advising in labor matter.
  Adjustment of Financial Statement by exposure to inflation.
  Preparation and Analysis of Financial Statement.
  Study and Analysis of Cost.
  Preparation of Tax Return.
  Development of Cash Flows.
  Management of Cash and Inventories.
  Financial management in a inflationary economy.
  Tax Planning.
  External Audits.
  Internal Audits.
  Legal Obligations Audits.
  Fiscal Planning

With our services of outsourcing, our clients have some benefits like added value. They are:

  Access to knowledge and specialized techniques.
  Introduction of changes into management schemes.
  Concentration and solution of specific problems.
  New criteria focusing.
  Independent evaluations and recommendations.

For our company, outsourcing is to turn to us in the ideal solution to contribute consistently to create Profits attributable to the Financial Results of your business. So you can get stability, growth and better operation of your activities. Therefore, it does not doubt in contacting to us in order to deal with any subject our professional competition in this area.

For more information on these or other services of our professional competence, please contact us.



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“As Chairman, I feel that the key value to members of being part of the Nexia network is the relationships they form which helps them to meet their clients needs.”

Dr. Markus Emmrich, Chair, Nexia International