Fotos por: freedigitalphotos.netThe main activity in the audit area consists of the review of the financial statements of the companies, in order to determine if they reasonably present the financial position, the results of their operations and cash flows in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and in accordance with the accounting norms applicable to the operations of companies in specialized sectors (i.e., banks, insurance companies, hotel and tourism companies, etc.). We are compromised with plan for research and development of advance programs and tools, based on risk evaluation and design of tests for mitigating such risks. Likewise, we render services such as special reviews, implantation and/or evaluation of internal audit departments, operating audits, professional training and extension courses, internal control evaluation and legal audits.


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“As Chairman, I feel that the key value to members of being part of the Nexia network is the relationships they form which helps them to meet their clients needs.”

Dr. Markus Emmrich, Chair, Nexia International